AWS Tech Week Programme: Overview

Tech Week runs over one week and each day we focus on a different STEAM topic.

About the Cloud
AI and Machine Learning
Big Data
Data Centres
Reflections and introducing the AWS Global Schools competition

Four Workshops – Four Interrelated Topics – Cloud Focussed

Focussing on AWS core business, cloud services, these four workshops provide students with a good foundation from which to understand cloud computing, AI and Machine Learning and discover how data centres are the engine room that powers them. Workshops will follow an easy-to-deliver format reducing the teaching load on volunteer presenters.

Workshop 1.

Introduction to the Cloud

This workshop introduces students to the Cloud and Cloud Computing making the critical link between analysis and decision making in today’s highly connected world. Many of the challenges we take on today rely on the massive computing power afforded by Cloud computing.


Students will discover how the Cloud makes it possible to harness data from all over the world in order to solve problems.

  • What and where is the Cloud?

    • Why is it important

    • How the Cloud powers AI and ML

      • Big Data analysis and decision making

    • A connected world – scientists working together to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges

    • Practical activity/demo (Decision-making activity)

    • What we like about working in Tech.

This workshop introduces students to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and some of the ways these technologies are being used. Students will learn about the basic building block of AI and ML, the neural net, and gain insight into some of the ways AI is trained.


Students will also learn about the fundamental difference between human learning, and why it is important, and Machine Learning. The workshop will feature a practical activity/demo of the structure of a simple neural net.

  • What is AI?

    • What is Machine Learning?

    • But how does it work exactly? (In easy steps)

    • Practical Activity (Build a simple neural net)

    • The road ahead for AI

Workshop 2.

AI and Machine Learning

Core Characteristics of the Workshops

Each workshop will follow the same structure. The design reduces the ‘teaching load’ on the volunteer by breaking down the topic, making use of the video animations, and allowing for a practical demo or activity, where relevant. Students of all ages love to talk and ask questions, so discussion time is included. Discussion significantly increases attention and engagement and contributes to knowledge retention.

Key Features

  • AWS animated video forms the backbone of each topic, offering AWS volunteers an easy-to-follow topic foundation

  • Simple to follow workshop structure, requiring only minimal research and preparation

  • Practical activity related to the topic

Workshop Structure

  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Short script about the presenter – Template to be supplied

  • About today’s topic – short intro and something inspiring about it (Did you know……..?)

  • Play the video. (We will use the existing AWS InCommunities animation films of <10mns0)

  • Recap the video, drawing out important points. (script supplied to Volunteer)

  • Practical Activity – relevant to the topic.

  • Link back to the topic – reflection on action (Schon 1983)

  • Wrap Up and Q&A

Workshop 3.

Big Data

Students will discover what Big Data is and why we use it. Making use of the recycling analogy students will begin to see how modern techniques of data analysis, making use of Machine Learning, can assist in yielding a more accurate and deep understanding of real-world phenomena.


The workshop will also illustrate how Big Data is gathered from internet use as well as the multitude of devices that we all use today on the Internet of Things, (IoT). The workshop will feature a short practical, paper-based activity on Big Data that is simple to deliver and creates fun and a little competition within the workshop.

  • What is Big Data?

    • Where does it come from?

    • How is it used and for what?

    • How Big Data changes how we do research.

    • Practical activity/quiz

Without Data Centres, much of what we now take for granted would not be possible. Data Centres are the engine room of the internet and so much more. They make it possible for us to understand and solve global problems on a scale that was not possible previously.


They make it possible for billions of people to get connected and share their stories with the rest of the world, empowering people all over the world.
In the workshop we will focus on what data centres are, looking at the four layers in data centres, perimeter, infrastructure, data layer and the environmental layer.  
Critically, we will consider how Data Centres make a valuable contribution toward environmental protection through federalization and virtualisation and the use of carbon-neutral technologies.

  • What is a data centre?

    • The four layers of a data centre

    • Where are Data Centres build

    • What functions do data centres fulfil

    • How a data centre has similarities with your computer – but much bigger!

    • How data centres help protect the environment.

Workshop 4.

Data Centres

AWS Global Tech Week Schools Competition

Details to be announced.