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AWS Career Talks

Introduction to Cloud


This pack introduces students to cloud computing and its critical role in AI and Machine learning, creating capacity in health research, food stock monitoring, disaster relief as well as the internet and social media.

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Introduction to AI and ML

This pack introduces students to AI and Machine Learning, tracing its origins and outlining some of the key roles it performs today.

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Introduction to Big Data

This pack provides students with some of the core concepts around Big Data and how it fundamentally alters previous information paradigms.


Introduction to Data Centers

Students will learn about the basic architecture of datacenters, the various roles of people who work in them and be introduced to some of the exciting career paths there are.

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Career Talks

This module will give students information about how they could plan for their future career.

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Non-coding Tech Careers

Careers in technology companies are about a lot more than just coding. There are many exciting roles that students should consider when making decisions about their future career.