A worldwide program aimed at school-going children and young people that enhances their knowledge and skill on core STEAM topics

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(7-11 yrs)

Introduction to Cloud

Introduction to AI and ML

Introduction to Data Centers

Introduction to Big Data

(11-14 yrs)

(14-17 yrs)

Introduction to Robotics

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You will receive mails from the volunteers expressing their interest in specific topics and age groups. Finalise the date and time of the presentation with volunteer.

On the finalised day and time, the volunteer will present the selected topic to the selected age group of students.



What is AWS Tech Week?

AWS Tech Week is a one of AWS InCommunities’ annual signature programs aiming to inspire future builders and engage with their teachers, educators and other community mentors in their lives.
Our objective is to inspire students make the connection between what they are learning at school and how they will use it practically in the real world. Tech Week events are normally delivered in a classroom environment by way of a presentation from our AWS employees in the communities where they live and work. This year, the program is designed to be offered remotely via teleconferencing due to social distancing guidelines around the world. We have designed our workshops to allow you maximum flexibility in how you host them, given the challenging times we are living in.

What do you propose for my school/organization?

Our AWS employees will offer presentations via teleconferencing. There are four workshops on offer, and we have specially developed those workshops to appeal to three age ranges

1. Junior Group (7 – 11)

2. Middle Group (11 – 14), and

3. Senior Group (14 – 17)

What technology topics are on offer?

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. Introduction to Big Data
  4. Introduction to Data Centers and Career Paths

How will be the workshops be structured?

Each workshop is designed to meet the needs of the specific age group to which it is being delivered and consists of a brief presentation on your chosen topic, specially commissioned overview videos, followed by a short practical learning activity or discussion for students. Special emphasis will be placed on career paths and the volunteer’s individual career journey in the Data Center workshop for the middle and senior groups.

Is there any preparation required in advance?

No preparation on the content of the workshops is required from the school. However the school will need to ensure the availability of wifi connectivity, laptop or computer availability, and also check they have access to Zoom or other app for conferencing. The school can liaise directly with their point of contact at AWS to ensure they are fully set up in advance of workshop day

How can we register our school’s interest ?

You can register your schools details here and we will allocate a AWS volunteer once your request is received. Please note this may take a few days depending on location and languages. In any case, you will receive email communications on next steps and progress on the matching process with our employees.

What equipment is required to facilitate the presentations?

Depending on your circumstances, your class may be available to participate through teleconferencing in one group if your local guidelines allow for regular classes to take place. If your school is still in remote learning mode, we can also facilitate to reach all participants through your current videoconferencing set-up through the teacher’s account. In any case, all you will need is broadband access and a videoconferencing account.

Will you still host in-person events later this year?

Depending on the regulations in your location, it may be possible to host in-person presentations. This will also depend on the AWS regulations for employees in that country. Our AWS volunteers very much enjoy interacting with the schools and other organizations in their communities so we are all hoping we can all resume our face to face activities in the later part of this year

Tell me more about AWS InCommunities?

We are the community engagement team for AWS Infrastructure Operations, aiming to make a positive impact around the world. Whether it’s using technology to solve the world’s most pressing issues, or through our employees donating their time to support causes they care about, AWS is dedicated to building a world where every person has the opportunity to live a life of dignity on a healthy planet. You can check out our page here

What are AWS InCommunities Global Signature Programs?

AWS is dedicated to inspiring future builders, especially those from underrepresented and underserved communities who reside in areas where we have a physical presence. Through our Signature Programs, we help increase thousands of students’ access to STEAM education opportunities in fun and imaginative ways. We are intentional about adding the “A” to “STEM” because we know that the arts help build future-ready students who develop into well-rounded and creative problem solvers.

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