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AWS Tech Week!

A worldwide week-long event aimed at school-going children and young people that enhances their knowledge and skill on core STEAM topics

  Date: OCT - NOV                    2021      

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1. Register

Fill in your details in the above form and select whether you want to nominate and volunteer at a school of your choice or select from one of the many schools registered with AWS  

2. Practice

On submitting the final form you will receive a mail guiding you about the next steps and the training material for your presentation

3. Present

Please get in touch with your registered school according to the guidelines outlined in the mail. Finalise date and time of your presentation after dicussing with your registered school and present on finalised date


What is AWS Tech Week?

AWS Tech Week is a one of AWS InCommunities’ annual signature programs aiming to inspire future builders and engage with their teachers, educators and other community mentors in their lives.

Our objective is to inspire students make the connection between what they are learning at school and how they will use it practically in the real world. Tech Week events are normally delivered in a classroom environment by way of a presentation from our AWS employees in the communities where they live and work. This year, the program is designed to be offered remotely via teleconferencing due to social distancing guidelines around the world. We have designed our workshops to allow you maximum flexibility in how you host them, given the challenging times we are living in.

What is the vision for AWS Tech Week?

AWS Tech Week started in 2018 with local school visits in Ireland in the vicinity of our DUB AZ. Since then it has grown into a global signature program. Our vision is that we will reach thousands more future builders and educators and mentors by powering more events in many more locations in all regions this year, we have added new languages for the relaunch in October, where it is available in 16 languages.

What activities can we expect at a AWS Tech Week?

Depending on the interest of the school, our AWS employees will connect with your various classes/age groups via a teleconferencing platform and offer a curriculum of 4 technology topics. Each workshop will be no more than 45mns long and can be a single 45mns commitment on a day of your school’s choice, or the full suite of workshops spread over the course of the week. The curriculum is designed to allow flexibility for both schools and our volunteers to choose their level of engagement.

What technology topics are on offer?

A set of four workshops will be made available to the InCommunities volunteers with each session lasting no more than 45 minutes. The topics on offer are:

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

  2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  3. Introduction to Big Data

  4. Introduction to Data Centers and Career Paths

Each workshop is designed with lesson plans configured specifically for 3 each age group, 7-11 (Junior), 12-14 (Middle), 15-17 (Senior).

How will the Volunteers be supported in delivering this program?

“Learning by Doing” is a core aspect of the teaching approach for this program. Volunteers will find this approach easier to manage as the materials will be prepared in advance. As workshops are based around ‘an activity’ they will be easier for volunteers to host. You will be receiving regular email updates in the next few days and weeks to help you prepare for your virtual presentation including access to our Training Hub and Volunteer Handbook and other collateral such as a school comms pack to help you coordinate with your chosen school.

How can I participate in Tech Week?

You can sign up on the Tech Week Volunteer Page and share widely with teams and colleagues. Once registered, you will be receiving email updates to help prepare for their virtual presentation including access to the AWS Tech Week Training Hub

Where can I view/download workshops in my language(s)?

All workshop material in various languages can be found here and you will be able to view and download your full pack from One Drive. The videos can be played from our streaming page here

1. Select language
2. Select workshop
3. Select group
4. Download all materials in advance of your presentation

Guide To Using tech Week Playlist For Streaming Videos (pdf)

Where can I find Training Videos to help me deliver a workshop as part of Tech Week?

We have 4 demo presentations (senior group workshop from each topic available) on our InCommunities Broadcast channel. You will also find a recording a chime group session covering training questions from our InCommunities Ambassadors

Will the content remain available after Tech Week is over?

Yes our intention will be to keep the material available online to be reused for school presentations, new InCommunities volunteers, and other community engagement activities.

Will there be follow up communication with schools after Tech Week?

Yes indeed, the intention is to continue to build and strengthen the relationships with the communities where we live and work, including schools and other educational bodies. Our volunteers are a key part of those conversations!

How many languages are currently available?

AWS Tech Week is now available in 16 languages: English, French, French Canadian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin Amer.), Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Italian, German, Swedish, Xhosa, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Telegu. Of course, we are planning to scale this program and add more content and languages over time.

What is AWS InCommunities?

We are the community engagement team for AWS Infrastructure Operations, aiming to make a positive impact around the world. Whether it’s using technology to solve the world’s most pressing issues, or through our employees donating their time to support causes they care about, AWS is dedicated to building a world where every person has the opportunity to live a life of dignity on a healthy planet.
To make a positive impact, specifically in the regions where we build and operate our global infrastructure, we established a program called AWS InCommunities. AWS InCommunities launches long-term, innovative programs that will have a lasting impact in our regions around the world. Find out more information about AWS InCommunities here

How can I receive further updates from AWS InCommunities?

Join the AWS InCommunities Phone Tool Group to stay in the know on community-focused activities or email us at: with your idea. If you know of a community issue in our infrastructure regions, please fill out the SIM form to put it on our radar. Thank you!

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Will InCommunities still host in-person signature events?

In 2021, depending on the regulations in your location, it may be possible to host in-person events. This will also depend on the AWS regulations for employees in that country. However it is most likely that AWS Tech Week 2021 will be a solely virtual event.

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